My Current Reading List!

Go to last link for a better and organized collection of LN+! I will update/ add more info of the ones I’m currently reading. First, I’ve got to figure out how to make spoiler tags… EDIT: Will get to work on this soon I swear!! I’ve been working on a final project for English and procrastinating on this  but no more! I’ll try to get to it… Friday on the 20th.

Yoraikun Translations
Tate No Yuusha no Narigari
Konjiki no Wordmaster
Hello Translations
Zhang Long (ch. 1 to 10)
Dou Po Cang Qiong (ch. 1 & 2)
Gravity Translations
Zhang Long (ch. 11 ~ )
Battle through the Heavens (ch. 3 ~ )
Pact – – Shows updates for lots of ln!
My Current Reading List!

83 thoughts on “My Current Reading List!

    (btw already reading yoraikun, gravity, hokage, ziru’s musings, and derings translated stories)


      1. weakwithwords says:

        Life, I haven’t tinkered with wordpress myself, but I hope this will help.

        Hmm, did you ever use myanimelist? (Just curious. They upgraded their servers right after I firmly decided I won’t use their site anymore… ~,~’)

        P.S. If MTL are mostly F-ranked with a scant few being E-ranked (due to being edited enough afterwards), then those like the patronising PRO**** and judgmental kry***** are really just C-ranked at best (regardless of how much confidence they have in their skills). yoraikun is something like D-ranked (which isn’t bad considering he’s still in highschool). In my *cough* *cough* years of online reading, I’ve only encountered one B rank (bordering on A rank actually) so far and that involved the decade-long work on the Tenjou Tenge manga. A-ranked material would be at a scholarly/academic level, but I don’t think these translator hobbyists would (or should) invest that much effort since that would make it even slower than it already is, they might not even have the natural talent for it, and the higher quality is more likely to attract legal attention, haha.

        P.P.S. RoyalRoad fanfics are basically mediocre, but their readers eagerly devour that stuff, anyway. =,= An example of good fan fiction (even if it is gratuitous self-insertion) that used to be more or less the norm in the 1990s: “Undocumented Features” ( ).

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  2. Katyusha says:

    So this is the legendary list of Life. There are some that I haven’t heard of. Guess I’ll have a fun time reading while waiting for updates for others. Thanks for sharing. ^.^


      1. Katyusha says:

        Haha~ No worries. I also have a similar number of manga bookmarked and it’s ever growing by the day so I know the pain of trying to go through them; let alone sort through them. TT^TT

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      2. weakwithwords says:

        Life, thanks for the info on the limitation of wordpress free accounts. (I didn’t know you couldn’t use plugins!) (When mangatraders got hacked and eventually closed shop, my manga reading slowed to a trickle. 😦 Sidenote: Due to MAL’s database policy, web comics such as The Gamer that haven’t been “officially” published aren’t included.)

        P.S. I’m (coincidentally) currently reading the Danmachi LN so I chuckled at that password. :B (I’m still just at volume 3 though. I have skipped, well, more like skimmed through, volume 1 for now because of the main manga.) Thanks for that link Prestige Worldwide.


  3. Excaliber Hero says:

    life… i just search ur recommendation.. and there’s a novel i need to read, but it’s protected by a password. would you happen to know the password. it’s the solitary translation, the danmachi novel


      1. weakwithwords says:

        It’s hard to read jawz stuff. 😦 (I’m probably better off learning korean myself and reading the original ten years from now, hahahaha.)

        No matter how quickly fastfood (icarus) is served, it’s not going to be “casual dining” (gravity) level. ^,^’ There’s also a terrible side effect that the more you indulge in reading (and writing) unintelligible text, the more your own (regular) literary effectivity/capacity will decline/deteriorate. :s (Phenomenon: / .)


      2. :O No wonder I noticed a degradation in my literary works!! Also, I agree with you entirely on the mtl rating and such. I can’t use plugins because this is a free blog :/.


      1. Prestige Worldwide says:

        Hello again, this is more of a message than a comment so you don’t have to post this but just figured I post this for you to take a look at if you have not seen it. You probably have.
        It is a pretty good and ongoing list that is categorized pretty well for you to sift thru on your own time and maybe find and unknown gem. We readers have to keep each other in the know. Anyways, this is just another friendly heads up and not a post/comment. Have a good day sir!

        Ps. I think is gonna try to overtake Gravity pretty soon with Zhan Long based off his post. He seems to have assembled a translation team for speed and saying his editing is gonna get better.


      2. I approved >:D. Lol, that’s the last link posted and the one I tell people to go to in the first sentence :P.
        And I don’t know, I mean Gravity is at chapter 40ish whereas he’s at 32. + There is the unspoken rule of “No translating what someone else is translating unless it was mtl’ed” but his are m or matl’ed so it doesn’t make sense…


    1. Yep!! They are nice reads, but I’m only going to post links to stories that are accessible online (although you can find those books via the last link in the list for free *wink, wink*)

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    1. weakwithwords says:

      Yeah. Harsh. soli… got shut down. Only found out a few moments ago. (I now fear for soro.)

      Hmm, odd. What I downloaded last month were portable document format files. (I only started reading a few days ago though.)


      Hint: It rhymes with zediafire.

      (I didn’t post blatant links so Life won’t get in trouble … too quickly.)

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    1. weakwithwords says:


      Soro- did get DMCA’d, too, like I worried would happen. 😦

      I’ll give you an analogy since I don’t want to get Life in trouble. I hope you’ll figure it out from this.


      Hint: It rhymes with zoutube.

      How do you get the link from that?

      1) What service rhymes with zoutube?


      2) What pattern do their URLs follow?

      “” + code

      (There are other patterns, but this is one of the simplest.)

      3) Therefore,

      “” + “wx6_MWVHZ4g” =

      P.S. Life, if you have color control for your blog, then you can use the white on white trick for making spoilers. (Well, you’re not using a white background so you use that color instead.)


    1. Excaliber Hero, the link shared by Prestige Worldwide last week leads to one chapter of volume 5. That was the only progress so far when the blog got hit by a DMCA. It will also get shut down (like solitary translations) within maybe one or two days. (Try to catch it while you still can!) Hopefully, we can track theodane later if that person decides to continue translating the rest of the volume.


  4. Excaliber Hero says:

    ummm… life, i taught for sure that I already saw ur profile pic, so i went some rereading in some manga, and I finally remember it, it’s the shinigami_sama_to_4_nin_no_kanojo chapter 2 page 2, is it?


    1. Your evidence is insubstantial and entirely circumstantial, objection!!! Lol, just kidding. Yeah, you’re right. I like the manga because the reactions are the best.


  5. Excaliber Hero says:

    *page 29.. what a typo… wew.. just before i begun reading novels, I read manga, and that manga at that time is not finish yet, so I just read some more manga like crazy cause I wanna know more stories, and that leads me from reading light novels


  6. excuse me may i ask for link to this LN Seiken to Maryuu no Sekai ? it;s seem someone already translated the prologue but i can’t find the blog (found it in baka-updates)


    1. I feel so defeated… So I tried searching for it too. Couldn’t find the series you were talking about, so I looked for another series that they worked on. Unfortunately,!%3F only lists another group.

      I found this
      So if you’re really interested in it, you could try getting the milk from the cow instead of the farmer.


  7. Excaliber Hero says:

    umm,life.. would you happen to know a story about a boy who was chosen to become one of the 6 petal heroes, but when he came to the meeting place for heroes, it appears that 7 heroes are there, so one of them is a traitor. and the the boy became the main suspect for being the traitor hero?… cuz’ i kinda forget the title.. my memory is kinda bad when it comes to titles…


      1. I read the manga about half a year ago. It was nice. Just took the test, and dang, I feel average. I scored 22,400. I knew I should have continued to read higher level works as a kid, but noooo~, I wanted to read manga.

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      2. MAYBE produces good art. Would have liked to ask if the manga was better than the anime. I don’t remember the details, anyway, since I followed it while it was airing almost three years ago. ^^

        I thought my score would be something like 123,456. As usual, reality is an eye-opener. Missed my delusion by almost 99K. ~,~’

        P.S. Use the html editor.

        <p style=”background: pink; color: pink;”> This is a pseudo-spoiler. </p>


  8. well somehow or other i found the site who doing seiken no maryuu sekai, it’s seem he/she only doing it for teaser for now (only translated prologue) as for his main project i am not really sure since he isn’t talking about it in his intro page, while looking i only found he regularly TL rokujuma vol 7.5

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  9. Aika says:

    Hi Life, I kept seeing you everywhere so I clicked your name and it brought me to this page. It all makes sense now why I see your name pop up at every site. ^o^

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      1. P.P.S. If you want to append to an existing line, then you can use this instead.

        <span style="background: orange; color: orange;"> This is a pseudo-spoiler. </span>


      2. I wanted to avoid those types of pseudo spoiler tags. I need about 2-4 lines of space for a summary of each novel a web page has to be hidden, but pseudo spoiler tags would just cover it up. I found one that could work VISIBLE TEXT HERE
        but I can’t seem to use it without breaking the rest of the code on here. Thanks for going out of your way to bring these tips to me though.


      3. Hmm, you can use this other technique I guess. ^^;

        [ <span title="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum."> hover-spoiler </span> ]

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      4. That works. Should I focus on the aesthetics and utility of this new html code, or should I just concentrate on getting them all down there?
        EDIT: Heck yeah, I can do make it work AND make it look nice. I have to go volunteer in an hour, so I’m not sure if I can get it all done now.


      5. <ol>
        <li><a href="">Yoraikun Translations</a>
        <ul><li><span style="cursor: help;" title="Iwatani Naofumi is ... .">Tate No Yuusha no Narigari</span></li>
        <li><span style="cursor: help;" title="The unique cheat ... .">Konjiki no Wordmaster</span></li></ul></li>
        <li><a href="">Hello Translations</a>
        <ul><li><span style="cursor: help;" title="Li Xiao Yao, ... .">Zhang Long (ch. 1 to 10)</span></li>
        <li><span style="cursor: help;" title="Battle through the Heavens">Dou Po Cang Qiong (ch. 1 & 2)</span></li></ul></li>
        <li><a href="">Gravity Translations</a>
        <ul><li><span style="cursor: help;" title="Li Xiao Yao, ... .">Zhang Long (ch. 11 ~ )</span></li>
        <li><span style="cursor: help;" title="Dou Po Cang Qiong">Battle through the Heavens (ch. 3 ~ )</span></li></ul></li>

        Btw, for several entries, instead of the actual URLs, you copy-pasted your wordpress reader’s links. Those can only be accessed by people who have WP accounts. ^^’

        Good luck on prettifying your list. 🙂

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      6. With this, you only use one DL tag pair instead of a nested OL-UL. DTs (terms) are for the sites while DDs (data) are for the entries+summaries under those. Simpler, ne? 😉

        Note that you put the TITLE tags into SPANs because if you include them directly in DDs/DTs (or LIs previously), the summaries will pop up even if your cursor is just hovering at the far right away from the text. Also note that I only capitalized the tag names for ease of reading. Lowercase tags became the standard after HTML3, iIrc.

        <dt><a href="">Yoraikun Translations</a></dt>
        <dd><span style="cursor: help;" title="Iwatani Naofumi is ... .">Tate No Yuusha no Narigari</span></dd>
        <dd><span style="cursor: help;" title="The unique cheat ... .">Konjiki no Wordmaster</span></dd>
        <dt><a href="">Hello Translations</a></dt>
        <dd><span style="cursor: help;" title="Li Xiao Yao, ... .">Zhang Long (ch. 1 to 10)</span></dd>
        <dd><span style="cursor: help;" title="Battle through the Heavens">Dou Po Cang Qiong (ch. 1 & 2)</span></dd>
        <dt><a href="">Gravity Translations</a></dt>
        <dd><span style="cursor: help;" title="Li Xiao Yao, ... .">Zhang Long (ch. 11 ~ )</span></dd>
        <dd><span style="cursor: help;" title="Dou Po Cang Qiong">Battle through the Heavens (ch. 3 ~ )</span></dd>


      7. DL = definition list
        DT = definition term
        DD = definition description

        Not “data”. Sorry. ^^

        ( Rechecked from: )

        Normally, you’d stylize all the SPANs (or limit the syling to certain CLASSes) using CSS so you don’t have to keep repeating the cursor overrides, but either there’s no way of doing that in wordpress (the .com version, anyway) or I haven’t figured it out yet. It’s more likely the former.

        I’m glad to be of some help. I also got to review a few basics (even though our intended way of using them are unconventional). 🙂


    1. Haha, I actually have read some of it. According to amazon, the native Japanese readers didn’t really enjoy it so I put off reading it. Your take on it is justified. I thought it was ok. Not good, not terrible, but ok.

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      1. wew kinda expected that happening with the author writhing style who overwhelming with explanation make it meh :v, well i know Rinz-san only just translated 27+ch but somehow i already seen many throw up chara everywhere :v

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    1. I only did it because people kept asking for my reading list. I still haven’t updated the format (sorry weakwithwords!). I’m glad that I could inspire anyone to do anything!

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  10. Yin says:

    [spoiler]it worked on wuxia world, so I decided to try it on here…[/spoiler]

    If it works, it’s like this: [ spoiler ]content of spoiler[ /spoiler ]
    (Without the spaces inside the brackets)


    1. @Yin, that requires the bbcode plugin for that to work. Plugins are only available to premium/business (aka non-free) accounts. A blog that you see with nifty tricks is usually powered by a cms (content management system). Biggest pro for the .org variant is “freedom”. Biggest con is that you have to worry about hosting. If you get a lot of traffic, a free hosting site’s monthly bandwidth quota will likely not be sufficient.


  11. In a blank spreadsheet, type “title” in A1, “link” in B1, “summary” in C1, and “html” in D1.

    Copy-paste this formula to cell D2:

    =if(isblank(A2),"",if(istext(B2),concatenate("<dt><a href=",char(34),B2,char(34),">",A2,"</a></dt>"),concatenate("<dd><span style=",char(34),"cursor: help;",char(34)," title=",char(34),C2,char(34),">",A2,"</span></dd>")

    Click on D2 and press ctrl-C to copy. Highlight D3 down to, uhm, maybe D100. Then, press ctrl-V to paste.

    In A2, type or copy-paste “Yoraikun Translations”. Type or copy-paste the corresponding link to B2. Leave C2 blank.

    In A3, type or copy-paste “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari”. Type or copy-paste the corresponding summary to C3. Leave B3 blank.

    You can highlight and copy-paste the text that gets generated under “html” to your blog. Don’t forget to enclose the whole chunk between a pair of DL tags.

    Hope this helps. ^^

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    1. This feels like a Youtube video. Where did you do your spreadsheet? And wow, I didn’t even know you could use spreadsheet like this. If you did it on google spreadsheets, can you share it with me? I can’t seem to get anything but ERROR.


      1. Sure, i really like to share about enjoyable and good reading ln,wn,& wuxia after all 😀 ah yeah do you also read unlimited fafnir


      2. It that so, i don’t read the manga only watch anime and read LN, well set aside harem the story quite deep and mc not totaly dense after all :v


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